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Organisations are constantly evolving to remain relevant and meet the challenges of the ever-changing macro-economic environment and stakeholders’ needs. This necessitates the need to continually redefine jobs and organisational structures in a timely manner.

As part of our bouquet of services, Nevitt Consulting’s unique approach involves a collaborative process of compilation of robust Job Descriptions following a painstaking, exhaustive process of Job Analysis. This details out the actual responsibilities, skills and behaviour required from the Job Holder for the fulfilment of the requirements of the job.

Job descriptions are not only essential for job evaluation but equally valuable for recruitment, selection, training & development, HR planning, performance management and organization review. They are also useful for a range of employment and contractual issues.

We have a team of professionals who are well versed in helping organisations to evaluate jobs.       We deploy scientific methods e.g. job profiling, to assess the value and relative worth of Jobs within functions and across the entire organisation. Our focus will be to ensure internal equity in the way jobs are valued, in the grading structure and how individuals are rewarded for their contribution to the overall productivity of the organisation.

Nevitt Consulting can offer Job Evaluation services either on a Consultancy basis or by helping to build internal capability and capacity. Either way, our aim will be to leverage available best practices and customize same to grade your jobs in a structured and objective way. Our outcomes will ensure better employee engagement and ultimately support your desire to build a performance driven organisation

In establishing their Job Grading and Reward policy, organizations need to ensure that they can attract and retain employees of the required calibre. We can help you to determine the Pay Philosophy appropriate for your business, relative to your Comparators and at levels that are affordable and sustainable. Next to ensuring that your Reward practices are internally equitable and externally comparable, we have the competencies to help you implement a scientific basis for rewarding individual and team performance or contribution.

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