Strategy. Planning. Execution.

The main purpose of Industrial / Employee Relations is to ensure that the work atmosphere between management and the workforce and within the workforce is consistently cordial.

To achieve this, the company will ensure the formulation and implementation of sound HR policies that is mutually beneficial to the business and its employees.

Although there are various approaches to Employee Relations, Nevitt canvasses a partnership arrangement that gives due consideration to employees in the formulation and execution of organisation policies whilst protecting the right of the company to manage the business.

Accordingly, we advocate to continuously gauge the work environment through systematic Climate Survey and or Culture survey, analysing the outcomes and offering appropriate interventions.

We can support businesses in the following areas:

  1. Climate Survey
  2. Culture Survey
  3. Production of Employee Manual
  4. Production of HR Policies and Procedures Manuals for your HR team
  5. Right sizing of your workforce
  6. Industrial / Employee Relations training programmes
  7. Designing and automating your HR processes et cetera.

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