All organisations need some means of deciding the pay of their staff. Job evaluation is an analytical tool to determine the relative size of jobs in the organisation and therefore provide a fair and objective basis for setting pay levels. It can help identify the appropriate number of grades or pay ranges and the relative differences between them.

The job evaluation process frequently involves job analysis, from which comprehensive job descriptions are produced. These are not only essential for job evaluation but are also valuable for recruitment and selection, training and development, HR planning, performance management and organisation review. They are also useful for a range of employment and contractual issues.

When setting Rewards and Grade structures, any organisation needs to ensure that it is able to attract and keep staff of the required calibre. This means ensuring that pay is at the right market rate, that the internal relativities are correct and that there is scope for rewarding performance and development.

We are able to design and implement professional reward structures and bonus schemes based upon proper pay research. We can also include design and introduction of appropriate benefits packages.

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