We’ve developed a range of training and development services that really work for SMEs and large sized businesses.

It can be very difficult for businesses to find training and development that’s really right for the work they do.  Public courses often contain a great deal of content that isn’t relevant but having bespoke training courses developed can be extremely expensive.  We’ve found the solution!

The training and development services that we offer are Management Training, Executive Coaching and HR Workshops.

Our Management Training consists of a range of modules that can either be delivered as a one off or a bespoke Management Development Programme.  All of the modules are highly interactive and very practical.  Whilst we do touch on theory, we focus far more on activities and practice.  When the modules are put together as a programme we give candidates activities to complete between sessions so that they have the chance to put the learning into practice and then talk through what worked and didn’t work at the next session.

Our Executive Coaching gives Business Leaders and Owners the chance to work one-to-one with an experienced coach. Often Business Leaders and Owners are in their positions due to being brilliant at what they do.  They don’t always have much people experience and haven’t always had lots of people management experience.  Working with a coach gives you the opportunity to develop a management style that’s right for you and furthermore work with an expert who can guide you through the challenges you’re facing.

Our HR Workshops are complimentary sessions that are open to everyone.  We run the sessions regularly throughout the year and pick topics that we’re getting a lot of questions about.  We make the sessions interactive and practical so that attendees really feel like they have learnt something.

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