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Be it in the private or public sector of the economy, organizations are normally established to fulfill a pre-determined purpose or objective. The purpose may be simple, complex, profit oriented, social or generic in nature, but nonetheless, exist and would have been conceived (and perhaps described) by the Founders!

To actualize this purpose, jobs have to be created based on the structure deemed to be necessary for the realizing the purpose of the organization.

For an organization to succeed a Job not only adds value, but also forms the basic units of an organizations’ structure and as such, are the building blocks of the organization, and provides the bridge or the link between the individual and the organization.

To this end, this workshop is to gather relevant data and information relating to Job descriptions, job specification and employee specifications in an organization.

It will compare the duties, responsibilities and demands of a job vs other jobs in the same organization. Show us how to rank jobs in an organization based on the responsibility level and value of individual jobs to the overall objectives of the organization.

Finally, it will ensure learning gained in the workshop can help to set equitable wages which are fixed to jobs of equal worth or value, minimizing wage and role discrimination based on gender age, region, religion etc.

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